I am a web designer, front-end developer, and graphic artist with the strong understanding of creating mobile driven web designs with an emphasis on usability and search engine optimization. I grew up in the small town of Luxemburg, WI, located just 15 minutes east of Green Bay.

In the early years of my life I had a passion for creating, whether it was drawing a plan of my own city, sketching crazy ideas, or building with my thousands of Legos.

In high school I took extra classes in both architecture and computer science. I knew I wanted to create and build, but exactly what still remained the question.

I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay majoring in the Design Arts. Focusing on web design, development, and establishing my presence on what we know as the World Wide Web.

Quickly I have realized the importance of constantly increasing my knowledge. One of the ways I do this is by surrounding myself with fellow designers who share the same passion as me. I enjoy creativity and nothing can allow me to do that better than design while still being able to make a living. As David Oglivy put it,

If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.

As I contine to grow the success and knowledge I gain comes from hard work and patience. I also have to thank many people who have and are continually inspiring me everyday. From co-workers, clients and social media friends throughout the design community I owe my utmost gratitude for the work I have done.

Take a look at some of my current projects. If you want to get in touch don’t hesitate to contact me.


Below is a list of accomplishments I have achieved over the last couple of years. Much of the credit is due to my colleagues, professors, friends and family who have inspired me and pushed me to settle for nothing but the best.

  • Shorewood Golf Course Website
    2009 Gold Student Addy, Nominated for Best in Show
  • Good Times Programming Website
    2010 Silver Student Addy
  • Common Theme Website
    1st Place ACUI
  • Groovin Grounds 2010 – 20111 Brochure
    1st Place ACUI
  • WGBX Website
    1st Place WBA
  • University Union Website
    Runner Up ACUI